Phinjection – Hyaluron Pen

The hyaluron pen filler treatment helps build the volume of your lips or reduce the appearance of wrinkles without a single needle in sight. 

What Is The Hyaluron Pen Filler?

The hyaluron pen is the latest technology of injecting Dermal Fillers without a needle. This no needle lip filler injects hyaluronic acid to help your cells retain as much moisture as possible, resulting in a hydrated, plump, and healthy complexion. The hyaluron pen is mostly used on the face, but it can also be beneficial for hair loss, stretch mark appearance, and skin elasticity. 

What Can I Expect With The Hyaluron Treatment?

On the day of your appointment, we ask that you arrive at our clinic with a clean, make-up free face so we can work our magic straight away. Once you’ve taken a seat and made yourself comfy, we’ll apply the pen to the area you wish to enhance and inject the filler. As the pen uses air pressure to inject the product, the hyaluronic acid syringes use ampoule heads rather than needles, making the treatment painless. However, it can get pretty loud. 

You’re In Safe Hands

Though the procedure might seem pretty straight forward, the Hyaluron pen filler isn’t something you should be trying at home. At Grand Aesthetics, each of our friendly aestheticians are fully trained to administer the product in a safe and controlled environment.