Phi Brows Microblading


Phi Brows is a high quality microblading technique, using the golden ratio to create the perfect brows for your face!

Microblading involves using a small 'micro blade' made up of small pins that scratch pigment into the skin in hair strokes. Phi Brows uses only the BEST quality pigment, which contains no heavy metals and DO NOT fade red, blue, or grey as many do!

During the process your new perfect brows will be drawn to shape using a special compass to mark out the perfect shape for your face, dependant on your unique facial structure. Once agreed they will then be filled in using small hair like strokes.

After your initial treatment you will also have a complimentary top up after 3-6 weeks - to get your finished brows perfect!

Before your treatment you will need to have a patch, the treatment cannot be carried out without this.

Phi Brows Microblading inc free top up - £320.00